The pile of snow off the deck.


24″ from 7:00am-7:00pm. Click on any picture to open a slideshow.

Days with activities

Activity 2016 2015 2014 2013
Running 72 37 97 98
Road cycling 13 17 17 33
Trainer rides 119 147 64 60
Skiing 6 8 6 8
Walking 3 1 6 2
Kayaking 1 N/A N/A N/A
Total 213 209 190 196

Activity miles

Activity 2016 2015 2014 2013
Running 256.3 137.5 425.5 400.1
Road cycling 467.4 686.5 597.4 1,298.6
Trainer rides 2,571.7 3,067.0 1,182.5 1,214.8
Skiing N/A 254.6 171.9 212.1
Walking 5.3 2.2 14.6 2.0
Kayaking 2.6 N/A N/A N/A
Total 3,303.4 4,148.0 2,391.9 3,127.9

Activity hours

Activity 2016 2015 2014 2013
Running 41:41 22:12 67:17 62:08
Road cycling 29:52 42:12 37:11 79:53
Trainer rides 146:27 178:49 74:11 75:42
Skiing 24:15 25:15 18:00 33:02
Walking 1:38 0:44 4:29 0:29
Kayaking 1:10 N/A N/A N/A
Total 245:05 269:15 201:10 251:15

Activity calories burned

Activity 2016 2015 2014 2013
Running 34,595 19,212 48,106 44,728
Road cycling 16,920 21,380 17,802 37,826
Trainer rides 83,135 96,523 37,281 38,304
Skiing N/A N/A 38,533 8,375
Walking 206 233 431 230
Kayaking 234 N/A N/A N/A
Total 135,090 137,348 142,153 129,463

Yes, it was a terrible, tragic day. One that would make it easy to question what’s gone wrong in the world.

But, look for the good.

The people turning around and heading into trouble without even pausing to think what might happen.

Doctors, nurses, and volunteers in hospitals, aiding those hurt.

Blood donors responding so fast that the Red Cross announced within a couple hours of the horrific event that blood needs have been met.

People calling others inquiring about loved ones and friends who may have been affected.

Family members making others proud with actions and words.

Our children, and especially today our childrens’ parents, teachers, and other caregivers who may have had to try to explain today.

Good always triumphs.

We’ve got the numbers.

And we wear the white hats.

Theodore Paul Chwazik

That’s right. 96.

  1. Family is everything. We have the best.

Surprise 40th anniversary party. May 1986.

Surprise 40th anniversary party. May 1986.
Click the image for a larger size.

That’s the most important and that’s enough. Who needs more?

And yet, of course there is more. But it can’t be ordered or numbered after #1; Family.

Lead by example. Rare, if any, were the “son, sit down I’ve got something important to tell you” lessons. Well, except for perhaps Family; we certainly heard enough times over blessings and the dinner table at family gatherings.

Do good. Be honorable. Work hard. Keep your word. Help that driver stuck in the snow. Offer your seat to and open doors for women and your elders. Acknowledge passersby. (He wasn’t my Mr. Friendy for just no reason.) But don’t dare do any of this seeking praise. It’s a Greatest Generation thing.

Be generous with your time, skills, and abilities. Growing up through the Great Depression (Dad, not me!), sometimes your didn’t have much in the way of material goods, so you learned to be generous with whatever you had, even if it’s your own blood. I think I heard someone say Dad gave over 8 gallons!

Do your best. Try your best. Don’t be afraid to try new things or to figure things out for yourself. Push that button on the escalator to find out what happens.

Have fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff. For that matter, don’t sweat the big stuff. There’s no use in worrying. Have a shot and a beer.

Say “I love you.” Say “Good morning”. Say “Good night.” Give your spouse a kiss when you come home from work. Be generous with hugs and kisses. Blow kisses from the window and say goodbye. Yeah, it’s a Family thing.

Fly the flag. At least on holidays, if not more. OK?

Never pass up a chance to hold a baby. Play and snuggle with those little ones. Get right down on the floor with them. Let ’em comb and even cut your hair. Yeah, it’s a Family thing.

John Wayne made good movies.




Gosh this was the hardest thing I’ve ever written.

Yet also the easiest.

Only 256 miles over 9 rides. Missed a bunch of nice days due to a stomach bug in early June and then a chest cold later in the month. But I think I’m finally well and I’m hopeful that I stay that way! I did manage to get in a few good rides in the week.

1010 miles year-to-date over 33 rides.

Here’s a follow-up to my post on my Garmin 500 and GPS-based workout sites.

I’ve settled into using Strava for online logging and sharing of rides and runs. You can see my workouts here.

Full disclosure: I don’t solely use Strava. I’m a data junky; why should I limit myself to just one place to look at my workout data?

I have a spreadsheet in Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) that let’s me slice-and-dice workouts by month, week, workout type. I can see how many hours, workout sessions, and miles I’ve put in for different types of workouts (riding, running, spinning, yoga, etc). This is usually the first place I’ll log data to after a workout.

Next, I’ll upload data to Garmin Connect. I don’t usually look much at the individual workout pages here, but I like the page here that lists all activities in a nice table. I’ll pull workout time, distance, elevation gain, and calories and add them to the workout entry in my Google spreadsheet. I noticed that after a recent firmware update for my Edge 500 that total strokes for a ride now appear in this table. It’s kind of neat to see that on a 63 mile ride I took over 18,500 strokes! I also use Garmin Connect to occasionally download courses and workouts to my Edge 500.

Strava is next on the upload list. I’ll spend a few minutes looking over workout data and charts. I may create a new segment for interesting segments of a ride. Here is my page in Strava.

I am still logging workouts into the Plus 3 Network because it raises money for a cause. So far this year, my workouts on the Plus 3 Network have raised $32.55 for the American Heart Association via my sponsor, Alliance to Make US Healthiest. Rides and runs get uploaded from the Edge 500. I generally make rides here open to all as they almost always start away from home, but lock down runs to friends only as those start at my house. Plus 3 Network (and other GPS logging sites) should all support some level of privacy like Strava’s hidden locations.

And because it’s another cause,although not a money-generating one, I enter riding mileage into the National Bike Challenge. No uploads here; just a simple logging of riding mileage. I’ve earned 929 points so far this year in their prize program.

I still use Map My Ride but usually only for mapping out new rides. I don’t save workout data there anymore.

Lastly, Ride with GPS mentioned in my previous post, doesn’t get any use. I don’t miss their player, which was one of the things I had mentioned that I liked with Ride with GPS. The only time I’ve found myself on the Ride with GPS site in a while was when a bike event linked to their maps in Ride with GPS.