May 2007

Today brings a close to National Bike Month. Here’s how I did:

  • 23 days with at least one ride, pretty good for an area with a reputation for rainy weather.
  • 415.5 miles on the bike in May. I’ve been riding recreationally since only last summer and my previous monthly high was 270 miles last July. (And this is not even close to being on the leaderboard for the Sacramento Region Bike Commute Month!)
  • 38 trips totalling 45 miles where I rode my bicycle instead of taking a car, reducing about 42 pounds1 (ROG, CO, Nox, CO2, PM10) or 168 pounds2 of air pollution.

How did you do?

1Estimate based on this quote that appeared on the Sacramento Region Bike Commute Month home page on May 31, 2007:

Bicycle commuters logged 321,542 miles and eliminated 302,631 pounds of air pollution (ROG, CO, Nox, CO2, PM10) from the Sacramento air basin this May, according to the Air Quality Management District!

Or roughly 0.94 pounds per mile.

2Estimate based on the Sacramento Region Bike Commute Month’s Fast Facts, which states:

A short four mile trip by bicycle keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air

Or about 3.75 pounds per mile.

I’ll have to do a little more digging to find out why the two methods differ so greatly.


H and I recently finished a bottle of Bully Hill‘s Pinot Noir. I really liked this wine and Would definitely buy it again. It’s a 1 on my (RS)2 rating scale.

I read a short article in the local newspaper today about Bike Tioga, a 2-day event of rides ranging from 24 to 100 miles. All rides start from Marvin Park in nearby Owego, NY. The event dates are August 11-12.

I have never ridden in this event, so I do not know how well run this event is. Should I decide to ride in the event, I’ll be sure to post my thoughts here. I wish they had routes posted online to help me decide which ride I would like to do.

Another commute to work day today, including a ride home for lunch.

After work and dinner, rode my 18.6 mile route out to Pennsylvania Avenue in Apalachin and back. This is a tough route as there are four ice cream stands along the route. I resisted the temptation all four times tonight. [View Route]

25.3 miles out to the Marshland Road boat launch and back. With no work today due to the holiday, I was able to ride in the morning while the weather was perfect for riding; low 60s, overcast, not much wind. There was not much traffic as well. [View Route]

I almost had my first road kill. A chipmunk tried playing chicken with my front tire and almost lost.

Did a few errands with H and Thing Two afterwards, as well as some lawn maintenance.

Dinner tonight will be typical holiday-fare; hamburgers cooked on the grill.


Following up on cat news from Mother’s Day, this week H took Chloe back to the shelter. Chloe was not adjusting to the two other cats we have.

H and Thing Two picked out a new cat, Dotty, and so far Dotty is adjusting much better.

I rode early today before it could get too warm and before the rain and thunderstorms roll in. I rode the Old Vestal Road route, the same route as on May 15. This morning there was hardy any traffic on the road, which made it much more pleasurable than the last time. [View Route]

After the ride, I whipped up a batch of Banana Bars before heading off to church.

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