Thing One competed at the Ithaca Relays. She cleared 6′, then missed on two attempts at 6′ 6″.

I haven’t watched too many pole vaulting competitions (I never did track and this is Thing One’s first year at it), but I thought they handled this competition very strangely. Instead of having starting at one height and moving the bar up after the competitors are done at that height, they kept adjusting the bar after each competitor! What a waste of time. The boys competed first. The girls competitors did not all get a first attempt when the official started worrying about getting each girl at least one attempt before it got too dark. Thing One went while there was still a little light and cleared 6′ with room to spare. Nice job Thing One!

Then the waiting started. And the sun set, so it started getting pretty chilly. And it’s getting late and Thing One’s also getting hungry. Finally, Vestal coach Jim Cerra got things organized and started lining up the girls by the heights they were attempting. That got things moving a little more quickly and efficiently. But by the time they got to Thing One’s second attempt (first at 6′ 6″), she was cold, hungry, frustrated, and really just wanted to get it over with (you must learn patience, young grasshopper). Two misses later I was on my way home.