I convinced myself not to ride today due to a plethora of reasons: too windy, just a tad too chilly, too tired from yesterday’s ride and this morning’s baking, and a lack of enthusiasm. However, after going through my daily dose of bicycling-related web sites, I hit the road for a short 18.6 mile ride down Rt 434 to Apalachin and back. It turned out to be plenty warm enough and I was not too tired. In fact I felt pretty fresh. I’m glad I went out. [View Route]

I was thinking a lot about Mom today. Mom always loved Mother’s Day and this past Friday would have been Mom and Dad’s 61st Wedding Anniversary. She loved baking—almost every Saturday was set aside for baking something—and I loved to help when I was growing up. Now my Saturday’s are often "baking days".

Thanks to Mom and Dad, we also have a very close family, all on good terms with each other. My older (ha ha!) brother and sisters and I stay in touch frequently and we have huge family gatherings for holidays, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. It is really fun when to see Dad, aunts and uncles, brother and sisters, nieces and nephews. It all started over 60 years ago and it’ll keep on going another 60 if I have anything to do with it.

Love ya Mom.