National Bike-to-Work week starts today! Did you ride to work today? Have you even considered riding you bike or any other mode of transportation besides your car to work?

I did not set foot in a car at all today. I rode my bike to work and back, then Thing Two and I rode our bikes to Highland Park for a little tennis and catch.

I thought H slipped off the deep end this morning. She IM’d me to tell me that a man on a horse had just gone down our street. Riiiight.


Ezra Cooley and Big Red
(CHUCK HAUPT / Press & Sun-Bulletin)

Ezra Cooley has embarked on an around-the-world expedition on horseback! And they laughed at me when I asked for a bike rack and showers at work. Imagine if I asked for a hitching post and trough!

Here’s an article from a local newspaper that goes along with that photo.

Update: Here’s a longer article and Ezra’s Expedition web site.