I used to bike a lot when I was a kid. Stopped somewhere around my high school years. Started riding more in 2005 for exercise, switching from running when my knee could not take the pounding anymore. Bought a Raleigh Cadent 1.0 in 2006. I push, time, and challenge myself but I don’t see myself trying to compete with the local club as a road or time trial racer. I am a bit intrigued by people who tour cross-country; I think that is an awesome accomplishment.

Bicycling resources:

  1. Toporoute planner — route planner/tracker that can follow roads, show elevations, export GPX files
  2. Bikely — route sharing, import routes via GPX files. Here are my Bikely routes
  3. Google documents — I keep ride details in a Google spreadsheet
  4. More…

After I ride, I plot the route via Toporoute, export the GPX then import it into Bikely, and save links, times, and other comments in a Google spreadsheet.

You can see what bicycling-related web sites I am currently reading and you can see all of my bicycling-related bookmarks.