Birthday Cake

Happy Fathers’ Day! H, Thing One, and Thing Two got me lots of goodies for Fathers’ Day: new shirts, new biking jersey, and a new bottle and bottle holder for my bike. Thank you!

Today was also my Niece H’s 14th birthday party in Norwich. It was fun, as always, to get together with family. Dad, Brother T, Sister C and Bro-in-law B, Sister L and Bro-in-law F, and Nieces G and H were there.

I finally got my bike wheel back on Saturday, so I rode my bike to the party following a slightly different route than the last time. 49.6 miles on a beautiful, sunny day. [View route]

The last time I ran into a bit of a problem in Greene: I took a wrong turn. Greene gave me trouble again this time. As I was riding into town, a bee bit me on my thigh. Then as I am pulling over to look at my thigh, I get a flat! Next time I ride to Norwich, I’ve got to find a way to avoid Greene.