…it’s past my bedtime, I already posted today, and I don’t want to use up all my post-ideas in one night!

Welcome to the Adirondacks

Family and friends updates (please hold applause until the end):

Congratulations to Thing Two, who has passed 6th grade and will be in junior high next year! Thing Two worked really hard and brought her average for the 4th quarter to 92, an "A". Thing Two has been bugging H and I for a cell phone for a while, and we told her she can get one when she starts modified sports in the fall or if she gets her grades up to an A average. Great job kiddo!

Congratulations also to Thing One, who we assume (no report card yet) passed 10th grade and will be a Junior next year. Thing One also earned her Varsity Letter in Track and Field. Right now, she is off to camp as a Counsellor-in-Training at an undisclosed location in the Adirondack Park for four weeks!

Congratulations to Niece G, who graduated from high school this past Saturday. G was class Valedictorian and will be on her way to BC in the fall. Right now I am sure she is hard at work on her summer assignments as part of the BC Honors program.

Congratulations to Niece J who kicked some butt in the Summer Sizzle 5-mile Road Race this past Sunday.

One final congratulations goes out to good friend R and his wife T who celebrate their 25th Anniversary of their wedding today.