Moron Driver 95720-IL NY

Wow! My last post was way back on the 18th! I hope I haven’t turned off my readership due to the lack of posts.

Bike ride updates:

  • Tuesday, 19th: Commute to work, but just morning and lunchtime ride home. Thunderstorms were forecast for the afternoon and I didn’t want to get stranded at work.
  • Wednesday, 20th: Commute to work; morning, noon, and end of the workday.
  • Thursday, 21st: Commute to work, with a twist. I had to drop off our van for some work and rode the bike in to work from the dealer. My 10 miles on the bike (5 each way) saved H from having to shuttle me with our other car, saving 14 auto miles. I also rode the bike home for lunch and back.
  • Friday, 22nd: Commute to work, but just morning and lunchtime ride home. I worked from home for the afternoon.
  • Saturday, 23rd: More bike problems. I was going to ride out to Greenwood Park, but after only a few miles, my bike’s gears started acting up and would not stay in gear. I abandoned that ride and took the bike to Babcock Bicycles, where they made a quick adjustment and sent me on my way. (No charge…thanks!)
  • Monday, 25th: Commute to work and home at the end of the day (worked through lunch). After work, I got out for a ride on my Marshland Road route. It was pretty warm, but a bunch on this route is shaded, so it was a nice, pleasant ride. 25.3 miles. [View route]
  • Tuesday, 26th: Commute; morning, noon, and end of the workday. Following work, rode out to Apalachin and back. It was hotter and more humid than yesterday and today’s ride did not have as many shaded areas. But it was still nice to get out for a ride; no compaints! 18.6 miles. [View route]

About the picture that accompanies this post: sorry about the poor quality of the cell phone photo. That was taken on my commute to work last Thursday from the auto dealer. The neanderthal driving that van passed me—twice!—with very little clearance and flipped me the bird. That’s only the second incident I’ve had with dense drivers this year. Run-ins with drivers like that make want to be more of an bicycling advocate. With a little more riding experience, maybe I can be more of an advocate, like Paul Dorn or Alan Snel. For now, I just don’t have the confidence or knowledge of where to start. (Does it pay to be an advocate?)

If you see the moron, slap him for me. GMC van, NY license plate 95720-IL (but it could have also been 97520-IL). Driver had a big bushy mustache.