We switched our phone service carrier and bought new phones back in December. That gave us, among other features, caller ID and call blocking. We’re loving those features.

We are in the National Do Not Call, but many nuisance calls still get through. The combination of caller ID and call blocking has really cut down on the number of nuisance calls we pick up. We usually will not pick up calls from toll-free numbers that are unidentified. Unidentified callers who have called a few times without leaving a message are blocked. If we happen to answer a call from a nuisance caller, they are blocked. We do not even bother asking them to stop calling. It’s a little satisfying to see their numbers show up on our incoming call lists after they are blocked; we don’t hear the ring and they keep wasting their time trying to call us.

The Who Called Us web site also helps to determine who is actually calling us when the caller ID is blocked or is otherwise does not identify the caller.

Here are the numbers that we are currently blocking:

Number Caller ID Caller
(888) 322-2785 800 Service Discover
18883222785 800 Service Discover
(888) 223-2355 800 Service Verizon
(401) 282-2000 CITIZENS BANK Citizens Bank
(216) 456-8038 Cleveland OH ?
(619) 325-1757 J B HOME DIRECT JB Home Direct marketing
529982873507 Name Unavailabl Cancun Travel
(619) 325-1748 J B HOME DIRECT JB Home Direct marketing
(559) 437-5359 SYNOVATE ?
(888) 577-5933 800 Service Discover?
(800) 295-7193 Free Toll Radio marketing survey
(866) 289-4409 800 Service Feed the Children
(619) 325-1766 J B HOME DIRECT JB Home Direct marketing