It certainly felt like I was riding up a cliff today. I tried riding up Underwood Road in Vestal today. (I mentioned Underwood Road in one of yesterday’s posts.) "Tried" being the operative word there—I had to walk twice during the 1.1 mile main climb. Check out the climb profile!

Underwood Rd Climb Profile (cropped)

There were quite a few picturesque places to take some photos on the ride up the hill, but I got the camera out for just a few pictures from the top. This one is looking back east (click image for full size):

Underwood Rd looking east (small)

And from the same spot looking south (click image for full size):

Underwood Rd looking south (small)

The whole ride was about 23.8 miles. That 1.1-mile climb up Underwood was very tough for me, and other than a rough section of Underwood heading back downhill—from O’Connell Rd to Tracy Creek Rd—the rest of the ride was nice. (Note to self: take Ridge Rd next time from Underwood to to Tracy Creek; maybe the road will be in better shape.) [View route] [View climb]