A couple of days ago, we heard from Thing One at camp. First, we got a letter from her in the mail. Sounds like everything is going good. Later, we got an unexpected phone call. One of the perks for a CIT (Counsellor-in-Training) is a weekly call home. We did not know that. It was very nice hearing from Thing One. Sounds like she has been having a lot of fun and has found out that she loves sailing.

We also got her final grades in the mail. 4Q average was 96.0; overall average for the year was 94.5. She was really worried about her Global final; she thought that she may have even failed it. It turns out that she was worried over nothing. Her final there was a 93. Super job!

July so far is 3-for-3 on beautiful days, but I have only one ride to show for it. Sunday I was too tired after travelling to Niece G’s High School Graduation party. Yesterday I was working until after 10 PM. But today I did get out for a ride out to Marshland Road. I felt very strong; I was able to push the pace a little more than usual. Back in the days when I used to run, I always felt strong a couple days after a hill workout. Maybe hills have the same effect on my riding as I had a tough hill ride on Saturday. Today’s ride was 23.5 miles. [View route]