Independence Day was a wash. I got up early instead of sleeping in, in hopes of beating the predicted afternoon and evening rains. But the weather radar was showing that rain was already approaching and I did not get a ride in. Thursday’s weather was also wet.

Having missed two days in a row (and missing a ride on Monday due to too much work), I was anxious to get out today. There were some small blips of rain on the radar, but by the time I finished working in the late afternoon, there looked to be a big enough gap on the radar to try to squeeze in a short ride. I tried the Old Vestal Road route again, even though I knew I’d be facing heavy traffic on a Friday afternoon. I managed to avoid all the people turning out from side roads and turning right in front of me without turn signals and had a good ride until about a mile from the end when another spoke on my rear tire popped. Oh well, at least it happened closer to home this time. [View route]

But it looks like a long Saturday ride is off my agenda.