Thing Two and Niece J Running in the 2001 Kids Boilermaker

This past Sunday marked the 30th running of the Utica Boilermaker in my former hometown. Before knee troubles lead me to bicycling, I was a runner and had run in the Boilermaker a number of times. The picture to the right is of Thing Two and my Niece J running the Boilermaker Youth Run in 2001. Thing One and Thing Two ran in the Youth Runs several times.

The Boilermaker can be fun if you can put up with the crowds—there were over 10,000 finishers this year. There is a huge post-race party with food, bands, fireworks, and beer. But between the crowds, hilly course, and typically warm and muggy weather, it is not a great race to try to set PRs.

My Nephew J and Niece J ran the race this year. Nephew J posted a good, sub-70:00 time. Niece J finished just over 66:00 (a PR for her I think) and was in the top 100 females (based on gun time). Congratulations to both of you on your runs!

Thing One At Camp

Also on Sunday, H and I drove Thing Two to camp. After unloading all of her stuff, we said our goodbyes and then spent a few minutes with Thing One. Thing One is having a great time and has so far avoided getting Counsellor-in-Training duty in the Bunk House with all the little kids. The picture above is from a bunch of pictures we downloaded from Thing One’s camera while we were there.

That leaves H and I kid-less for two weeks. H will be keeping me busy with some minor kitchen and dining room remodelling. Nothing major—new stove and fridge, new dining room table and chairs, and some painting. The new appliances and furniture arrived yesterday. The painting will start this weekend or next week when I am on vacation.

Mowed the lawn for the eighth time this year on last Saturday. It has been very dry here; that was the first time in just over three weeks!