Due to weather, travelling, health, work, and minor bike problems, today’s ride was the first since last Friday. But it was a milestone ride; today’s ride pushed me over 1,000 miles for the year. Woo-hoo! For comparison, last year I had 1068 miles for the entire year.

Craig Stadler, BC Open, July 2003

Today’s ride took me past the En-Joie Golf Course, which is hosting the inaugural Dick’s Sporting Goods Open this week. This tournament is on the PGA’s Champions Tour. From 1971-2005, the course hosted the PGA Tour’s B.C. Open. The picture to the right is of Craig Stadler at the B.C. Open in 2003; he won the tournament that year. Stadler was Thing Two’s favorite golfer that year because she got a kick out of his nickname—The Walrus.

Back to today’s ride: 25.3 miles out to the Town of Owego’s boat launch on Marshland Road. I had a very strong headwind heading out to Owego; my return trip was about 5 minutes faster than the outward-bound leg. [View Route]