Vacation—painting and slightly remodeling our kitchen and dining room—really put a damper on blogging activity. It’s time to catch up. This post will tackle all my bicycling news since July 13.

14 July: Good start to vacation riding with 38 hilly miles out on NY 38B and Gaskill Road. [View Route]

17 July: I missed a couple nice riding days because of moving furniture and painting—just too wiped out at the end of the day to ride, and didn’t want to take time away from the word in the mornings. By Tuesday, the major work was done, so I got out for a short 17 mile ride up Glenwood Road in Vestal. [View Route]

19 July: 21 mile loop out NY 17C to Campville and returning on NY 434, with a little extra loop tacked on around the Vestal Rail Trail. [View Route]

20 July: Just shy of 25 miles out to Owego on NY 17C, returning on the back roads, Day Hallow Road. [View Route]

22 July: Started out intending to do 36+ miles out to Greenwood Park, but wound up popping yet another spoke, my third one this summer! I wound up only riding 27 miles. [View Route]

After my previous broken spoke, the good people at Babcock Bicycles contacted Raleigh bicycles and were able to get me a replacement wheel at no cost to me.

27 July: After getting my wheel back, I was finally able to get back on the bike on Friday. No big ride; just commuting to work and back home for lunch and at the end of the day. That’s a total of only 4 miles, even when I ride home for lunch at midday.

Greenwood Park (small pano)

28 July: 36 mile ride out to Greenwood Park (picture above; click on the picture for a larger version). No equipment problems this time. [View Route]

30 July: Bike commute as well as a 25 mile ride out to Owego on Marshland Road. [View Route]

Glenwood Road pano

31 July: Commute and 17 miles up Glenwood Road in Vestal, pictured above. For a couple more pictures taken on this ride, take a look at this Picasa album.[View Route]

July ride summary:

  • 296.7 miles
  • Only 14 riding days
  • 22 auto trips saved by bicycling, saving 13.6 miles and replacing those with 22.3 bicycling miles
  • Only 11 recreational rides
  • 33 total bicycling trips (recreational rides plus commuting trips)

1 August: Commute to work

2 August: Commute and 18 miles out NY 434 to Pennsylvania Avenue in Apalachin. [View Route]

3 August: Weekend long(er) ride. I rode a little harder the last few days, so I wanted to ride a little easier today. I set out thinking that I would ride NY 17C out to Owego and back or perhaps doing my Gaskill Road route that returns via Owego. But while NY 17C has decent shoulders and is relatively flat for this area, it bores me and there is very little shade. Instead, I headed out on a new route for me, out past the Apalachin Gold Course. I had done some scouting of this area on maps and had a general idea of where I was going, but I was not sure of the road names. I didn’t get lost. (Good thing because I forgot to leave a note for H to let her know where I was heading or when I’d be expected back home). This new route is 30 miles and has one big hill on South Apalachin Road (where the golf course is). The hill is 2+ miles with about a 5% average grade. [View Route]

4 August: Just under 17 miles over my NY 17C-434 loop. Road early while there was still fog and nice cool temperatures, allowing me to ride this route 5 minutes faster than back in June. [View Route]

Later in the day, I added a few more miles to the log by riding to the grocery and liquor stores. Be green!