Buy Local

H and I have been supporting local businesses. We’ve been buying much of our produce—carrots, blueberries, corm, lettuce, and bread shown above—from local vendors at a nearby Farmers’ Market. All the wine in the photo is fairly local too; all from the Finger Lakes region of New York.

Vacation time!

I was on vacation from work July 16-20. The major vacation project was repainting our kitchen and dining rooms and moving some furniture around. That’s me prepping the dining room for painting.

Kitchen work included: new refridgerator, stove, range hood; new paint; removing built-in/eat-in booth and moving one of the computer desks into it’s place; replacing toe-kick along some walls; new hardware for the cabinets; new backsplash behind the stove; new accessories and accents. We have a small, pedestal island on order; that should be arriving in another week or two.

In the dining room: new dining room table and chairs; painting; moving one of two computers into the kitchen; cleaning up the coat shelves/lockers.

I have more photos of the project posted on Picasa.

I spent almost all of one day doing IT support around the house. It all started with having some problems calling Sister C in Remsen. Our VoIP phone was not working; at the same time, both H and my computers were having problems with very slow Internet connectivity. I went out to DSL Reports to use one of their tools to check our bandwidth, and on their home page, I read that our VoIP provider, SunRocket, had filed for bankruptcy! That explains the phone problems. What a bunch of flea-bag swines.

After discussing some options with H, I called Time-Warner Cable to inquire about their digital phone service. They would give no commitment on obtaining our old phone number, wanted more than twice what I was paying (three times after the first year), and would not be able to get me a working phone for ten days! When I asked why it would take so long, I was told "because we have to do a bunch of things like set up E911 service". I did not point out that with no working phone, I currently didn’t have E911 anyway. Um, no thank you. (More flea-bag swines.)

A couple days later, I heard that Vonage was offering SunRocket customers two free months, free activiation, free hardware (and shipping), and would be able to port our old phone number. Even though Vonage may be the next VoIP to go belly up, we decided to sign up. We have a working phone right out of the box (once it arrived a few days later), but we are still waiting for our phone number to be ported. They keep assuring me that we will not lose the number.

(If anyone from Time-Warner reads this: you missed an opportunity for a sale. I was ready to sign up but I could not get a single answer to my satisfaction.)

Silly cat

Back to the IT support day during vacation: so it turned out the phone problem was not on our end, but due to our provider closing its doors. However, we were still having connectivity problems. Our wireless router died, so off I go to shop for a new one. Hook it all up and all appears to be working fine, except now we started having problems accessing a shared drive in one computer from our other computers. After checking firewall settings on all of our computers, Windows settings, and who knows how many restarts, I figure out that the Ethernet cable to the computer with the shared drive failed. Out shopping again for a new cable. New cable gets installed, and I still had to tweak firewall settings in order to get all of our computers to talk to each other again. I blame the cat.