After yesterday’s tough ride, I needed an easy day. I put in decent miles—just over 30—but it was on gentle slopes. I got a early start today; 7:30AM while there was still a little fog in the area.

Today’s ride took me south on Pennsylvania Avenue in Apalachin to just over the PA border. That’s the first time I’ve ridden in another state. Pennsylvania Ave rises gently; just a little more than 200 feet over the 6 miles from NY434 to the PA border. That’s a lot easier than the hill I tried riding up yesterday. [View Route]

Pennsylvania Ave has a smallish shoulder, but with very little traffic on an early Sunday morning, I never felt uncomfortable. It was interesting to see the should totally disappear once I hit the PA border. I was heading out into a more rural area, but it still surprised me. Is all of PA this bike-unfriendly?

Also, mowed the lawn and trimmed the bushes. We got some rain a couple days last week; the grass is starting to look green again. The river in Vestal is up over 4 feet for the first time in quite a while.