I’ve mentioned before that after a ride, I plot the route via Toporoute route planner, then export the GPX then import it into Bikely. (You can see all of my Bikely routes here.) I also maintain a basic training log in a Google spreadsheet.

The Toporoute route planner makes plotting routes easy; the route follows roadways, unlike many other bicycling/running/walking sites. Toporoute also has nicer elevation profiles than Bikely. Toporoute, however, does not have great route-sharing capabilities. That’s where Bikely fits into the picture.

I recently came across the Map My Ride and have started playing around with the site’s features. Right now, I have just one ride logged on the site. You can see my profile and rides here. It has some benefits over my old Toporoute + Bikely method of plotting and logging routes. Map My Ride can follow roads, has elevation profiles, and in addition, has a training log. I may be switching to Map My Ride soon.

One bug with Map My Ride is their calculation for ascent and descent totals for a ride. In an effort to filter out noise in elevation data, it appears they’ve filtered out too much data. For example, in my ride across the PA border, the elevation data shows a maximum and minimum elevation 1030 and 818 feet. However, the calculated total ascent only 208 feet! It has to be at least 212 feet, and with the gentle rollers on the route, it should be quite a bit higher.

At least they acknowledge that their calculations may be a bit off and appear to be still open to tweaking their algorithms.

What do you use for plotting routes and logging training activities?