I put a new tire on the rear before last weekend’s rides. The old tire was getting worn flat spot around the circumference of the tire. The guys at the bicycle shop urged me to replace the tire, as being worn it is more susceptible to getting a flat.

I rode the bike to work just two days this week on Monday and Tuesday. After riding home for lunch on Tuesday and eating, I went out to ride back to work and the rear tire was flat. Here I was, pushing the old, worn tire for many miles with no flats despite warnings from the experts, and after just 40 miles or so on the new tire, I get a flat.

I did not get a chance to fix it until Thursday evening. When I took the tube out, I did not see or feel any leak, and even though I had read many times on various cycling sites,"flat tires do not fix themselves," I put that tube back in. The tube and tire were fine for a 21-mile ride out to Apalachin, returning via Vestal. [View Route]

This morning the tire was flat again, so after work I replaced the tube. I did another visual check of the tire and did not see anything amiss. I took another look at the old tube and I did find a small hole. I really want to get this tire fixed; I’ve been thinking about taking a long, 50+ mile ride (roundtrip) to Montrose, PA. I’d rather not do it with a questionable tire!

I set out with the new tube on my 16-mile ride out NY 17C and returning via NY 434. Well, a little more than halfway, the tire started getting really low. I called H for a rescue, since at this point I was thinking that there was something wrong with the tire and I didn’t want to ruin another tube.

When I got home, I checked the new tube and found a hole. I checked the old one and both holes were in just about the same spot. Looking more closely at the tire and rim, I found what looks like a flaw in the tire. It appear that the steel bead core in the tire is sticking out into the interior of the tire and puncturing the tube. I called the bike shop, but they had closed 10 minutes before I called.

I cleaned the bike and put the old tire back on with a new tube. Unless that tire is flat in the morning, I still plan on taking that long ride to Montrose. I’ll take the new tire to the bike shop later in the day and will hopefully get a new one in exchange.

It was a low-mileage week: commute to work only two days (for grand total of about 6 miles), Thursday’s 21 mile ride, and today’s 10 mile aborted ride. The flat tire was not my only excuse: H and I were working on painting and assembling the last major piece of our mini-kitchen remodel, an island for the center of the kitchen. We had a pedastal cabinet and countertop special ordered. The cabinet was unfinshed; we thought it would be too hard to try to match the finish and style with our existing cabinets. We had to paint, drill holes for the hardware (drawer and door pulls), and attach the countertop an toe-kick to the cabinet. How’s it look?

New Kitchen Island