September 2007

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I did some baking on Sunday: cream cheese cookies and Nestlé Toll House cookies. Yum!


So the Iranian President is on a PR tour of sorts.

We need Dr. Evil to shadow this guy and keep interrupting him with "Sh!" every time he tries to open his mouth.

Thing One, Hickories Invitational, 22 Sep 2007

And a busy one so far.

Things One and Two were both at the same cross country meet today, the Hickories Invitational in nearby Owego, NY. H and I went to watch and cheer on the Things and their teammates.

Thing One was off in the first race, JV girls. She did not have a good day and finished about 2 minutes slower than she was expecting. Thing Two’s race, or rather her teammates’ race since Two has not had the required number of practices yet, was a couple hours later.

In between the two races I hopped on the bike for a ride. Today’s ride was mostly on NY 96 which has nice wide, clean shoulders. Other than the headwind on the return leg, it was a pleasure to ride on, especially when compared to the generally crappy PA roads just south of home. Today’s ride was was little more than 23 miles, upping this year’s total to 1767. I had almost 1000 miles by the end of June, nearly as many miles as I had all last year. 2000 was in sight. But I have not been able to ride with the same frequency as earlier and now 2000 appears doubtful. Today’s ride made it three days in a row, the first time I’ve done that in over a month. [View Ride]

Thursday marked the 14th anniversary of Ma’s death. We all miss you lots Ma!

On Monday, I had to drive to work for the first time in, well, I don’t quite remember. It must have been over a month since the last time I drove a car to work.

It was a crazy day, with Thing One headed one way, and Thing Two headed another. H was shuttling Thing Two around and I needed to have the car at work so I could pick up Thing One from cross country practice.

Which leads to this article from, "Average driver wastes 38 hours per year in traffic". It’s all my fault. Without my occasional rare commute, that would be more a more palatable 37.8 hours per year.

In no particular order:

I only had to cut the grass two times in my four-week blogging hiatus, only the 11th and 12th times this year.


Lucas Vineyards, Cabernet Franc (2005) – (RS)2 rating: 2.

Thirsty Owl Wine Company, Pinot Noir (2005) – (RS)2 rating: 1.

Wagner Vineyards, Merlot (2002-2003) – (RS)2 rating: 1.


August 25: Cinnamon rolls

September 1: Cherry and blueberry turnovers (one batch each)

September 8: Cream cheese cookies

September 15: Chocolate pie and coconut cream pie with whipped cream topping. Not from scratch; store-bought cracker-crumb pie crusts, Jello-brand filling; follow directions on the box!

It has been a busy four weeks since my last post.

Grand-nephew J’s 3rd birthday was August 17. His birthday party was delayed until August 26 because his family was galavanting around up in Maine. Thing One and I went to his party, while H and Thing Two stayed home; Thing Two had a nasty ear-infection and was not up to travelling.

Nephew and Godson J and E got engaged while they were up in Maine!

My Dad’s 91st birthday was August 24. We had a huge birthday party for him at Sister C and Bro-in-Law B’s place in Remsen on September 2.

Nephew-in-law M’s birthday was on September 4.

Nephew B and K’s 3rd anniversary was on September 5, one day before H and my 21st anniversary.

Things One and Two are back in school. Thing One is running cross country and is so far having a much better season than last year. She’s gone to two meets already, one in Oneonta, NY and the other in Montrose, PA yesterday.

Montrose Invitational, Girls JV start

After a few days of school, Thing Two also decided she wanted to run cross country. Since she started late, it will be a couple more weeks until she is eligible to run in competitions.

In a quest to find new bicycling routes, I occasionally stray into northern Pennsylvania. I tried again just a couple days ago, heading into northern PA over Pennsylvania Ave in Apalachin, NY.

I went into PA only 2.3 miles, but that was enough. PA roads stink for bicycling. No shoulders, bumpy, pot holes, narrow. If any of the two people reading this blog know of good PA roads for bicycling in the Binghamton/Vestal/Apalachin, NY area, please let me know!

I did manage a 33 mile ride, but those few miles in PA were terrible. [View Route]

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