In no particular order:

I only had to cut the grass two times in my four-week blogging hiatus, only the 11th and 12th times this year.


Lucas Vineyards, Cabernet Franc (2005) – (RS)2 rating: 2.

Thirsty Owl Wine Company, Pinot Noir (2005) – (RS)2 rating: 1.

Wagner Vineyards, Merlot (2002-2003) – (RS)2 rating: 1.


August 25: Cinnamon rolls

September 1: Cherry and blueberry turnovers (one batch each)

September 8: Cream cheese cookies

September 15: Chocolate pie and coconut cream pie with whipped cream topping. Not from scratch; store-bought cracker-crumb pie crusts, Jello-brand filling; follow directions on the box!