It has been a busy four weeks since my last post.

Grand-nephew J’s 3rd birthday was August 17. His birthday party was delayed until August 26 because his family was galavanting around up in Maine. Thing One and I went to his party, while H and Thing Two stayed home; Thing Two had a nasty ear-infection and was not up to travelling.

Nephew and Godson J and E got engaged while they were up in Maine!

My Dad’s 91st birthday was August 24. We had a huge birthday party for him at Sister C and Bro-in-Law B’s place in Remsen on September 2.

Nephew-in-law M’s birthday was on September 4.

Nephew B and K’s 3rd anniversary was on September 5, one day before H and my 21st anniversary.

Things One and Two are back in school. Thing One is running cross country and is so far having a much better season than last year. She’s gone to two meets already, one in Oneonta, NY and the other in Montrose, PA yesterday.

Montrose Invitational, Girls JV start

After a few days of school, Thing Two also decided she wanted to run cross country. Since she started late, it will be a couple more weeks until she is eligible to run in competitions.