November 2007

Apple Pie - Mmmm

Obviously, the blog has not been a priority over the last two months.

I have not been bicycling much; not even on the stationary bicycle. I have been doing some baking, including the apple pie shown here.

Here are the bike summaries for September and October.


  • 199.5 miles
  • 11 riding days
  • 12 auto trips reduced by cycling, saving 7.5 miles and replacing those with 12 bicycling miles
  • 8 recreational rides for 187 miles


  • 69.1 miles
  • 4 riding days
  • 0 auto trips reduced by cycling
  • 4 recreational rides for 69 miles

For the year:

  • 1,827 miles
  • 99 riding days
  • 167 auto trips reduced by cycling, saving 142 auto miles and replacing those with 214 green, bicycling miles
  • 67 recreational rides for 1,612 miles

My green miles would be higher if I logged days that I walked to work. After moving to an office closer to home in August, I probably drove to work fewer than 10 times.


Than just Bike and Bake!