April 2008

Looks like spring may finally be settling in. High temps in the 60s today, 70s tomorrow.

Ruination bike Jersey

I just got back from a 20 mile ride. Got passed (which isn’t that unusual) by someone wearing the same jersey I had on (which is very unusual). I would not have expected to see this particular jersey around here.



Rode 38.6 miles over this route today. It was pretty windy; enough to make about a 5mph difference heading into the wind.

Back-to-back days in the 60s; back-to-back days on the bike.

Today’s ride again took me over the river to Vestal, but rather than staying on the flatter NY 434, I went up the roller-coaster like Glenwood Road into Vestal Center. 18 miles.

Yeeha! Sunny 60°F weather today, and with Thing One’s track meet getting cancelled, I got our for my first outdoor ride of the year. Today’s ride took me over the river to Vestal and Apalachin. 26+ miles over this route.

As I mentioned, Thing One was supposed to have a dual meet against Corning H.S. But Corning (coach? Athletic Director?) didn’t put the meet on their calendar, so they didn’t make it. D’oh! Thing One’s team had a practice meet with just themselves. (I guess they won.) She did not get to pole vault tho due to a shortage of coaches/officials on such short notice.