August 2009

It’s not a lot for many bicyclists, but it is a rarity for me: I completed a 100 mile three-day weekend. And that’s my first time riding three days in a row this year.

The big ride was this 50 miler on Saturday morning. That afternoon, wife H, Thing Two, and I went to Ithaca to do a little shopping and to eat dinner at the Boatyard Grill on the shore of Cayuga Lake. Go there!

Also spent a very enjoyable day at Beaver Lake with parents and friends from Thing One and Thing Two’s gymnastics days.


Actually, it’s been a bit more than a quarter of a year since my last post here. Yikes!

So, I’ve been riding about as much as the last few years. Strictly a fair-weather rider, often looking for a good excuse to not ride (have to cook dinner, too windy, etc), but still getting out a few time a week.

I have 40 rides in this year since the end of March covering just over 1100 miles, with a longest ride of 70 miles.

Nice weather is forecast for the weekend. If the weather holds, I might get in 100+ miles between today and the weekend. I don’t think I’ve hit 100 miles in a 3-day stretch too often.

I’ve been riding for exercise now for over 4 years. I still feel like a biking n00b. If you’re on Twitter, take my poll to let me know what you think most makes me look like I just started riding. No, “training wheels” is not one of the choices.

Riding tip: you may not be giving yourself enough clearance passing parked vehicles to avoid getting doored!

Beyond cycling, Thing One and Thing Two had great school years, with Thing One finishing high school and Thing Two finishing 8th grade. Thing One eventually got out of her 7’6″ rut in the pole vault, clearing 8’6″ in her final meet, tying the U-E girls record. Both girls have been busy shopping and getting ready for the upcoming school year, which is rapidly approaching. Thing One will be off to The College of St. Rose. Thing Two wil lbe off to high school at Seton. Hard to believe…