Thing One is doing a “365” project on Flickr where she takes one portrait a day for 365 days. And she has to do a blog for a college course.

Niece G from Norwich is off to Spain for a semester in Europe. She’s blogging about it and posting pictures every so often.

So those two kiddos have inspired me to try to post more often here on BB&B. So I’m starting my own “365” project, not on Flickr, but here. And I don’t intend to have all 365 pics be portraits, but just some picture to show what’s going on back on the home front to keep in touch with Thing One and all of the rest of the siblings, cuzzies, nieces, nephews, and friends.

Here’s my first 365 entry. Knitting work by H, hand modeling by Thing Two, and photography by yours truly.

Gloves 1/365

And in keeping with one of the original themes of this blog, I baked a batch of Ma’s Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies this past weekend.