January 2010

Motorist honks and mouths off at bicyclists. One of which is a police officer! Hahahah!

From the CommuteOrlando blog, Dude! Who do you think you’re honking at?


I boycotted Major League Baseball last summer. The Metsies being pathetic was probably a big reason, but the huge salaries, egos, and PED use also contributed. I rarely checked scores and standings and probably watched only a few innings over the entire summer. MLB was locked out.

What will the summer of ’10 bring? I checked the Mets roster yesterday.

It’s a disaster. There’s a head-case at short and a power-hitting 3rd-baseman who hit 10 homers last year. Catcher? They’d be better off signing Today. we could be seeing an outfield of Sullivan-Pagan-Francouer (with Beltran missing the start of the season and questions about Bay’s durability).

Hey Omar! Sign me! I once played right field next to Andy Van Slyke!

Mets catchers and pitchers report on February 18 to kick off spring training. Lockout ’10 starts the same day.