I’m just about to 1000 miles on the bike this year. I took the bike into the shop for a checkup and nothing needs to be done at this time. There was a little wear on the chain, but not enough to replace it now. I’m to bring the bike back in for another check at 1500 miles. That should be just in time to get it looked over before my century.

With the 1000-mile milestone near, I took a look through my logs to see when I hit or approached that mark in previous years.

# rides
Avg ride (miles)
995 6/20/11 30 33.1
998 6/26/10 39 25.6
1022 8/01/09 35 29.2
1007 8/13/08 36 27.9
990 7/20/07 41 24.1
1006 9/22/06 43 23.4

Last year, I remember starting the year with the goal of riding more often than in previous years even if my average ride length was shorter, and I accomplished that. The weather was also very cooperative last year.

With my century ride coming up sometime in late July or early August, it is no surprise to see the increase in my average ride distance this year. But the weather has not been as nice thus far as last year and with a couple of bouts of mono in the house, I’m a little behind last year’s ride frequency.