Here’s a follow-up to my post on my Garmin 500 and GPS-based workout sites.

I’ve settled into using Strava for online logging and sharing of rides and runs. You can see my workouts here.

Full disclosure: I don’t solely use Strava. I’m a data junky; why should I limit myself to just one place to look at my workout data?

I have a spreadsheet in Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) that let’s me slice-and-dice workouts by month, week, workout type. I can see how many hours, workout sessions, and miles I’ve put in for different types of workouts (riding, running, spinning, yoga, etc). This is usually the first place I’ll log data to after a workout.

Next, I’ll upload data to Garmin Connect. I don’t usually look much at the individual workout pages here, but I like the page here that lists all activities in a nice table. I’ll pull workout time, distance, elevation gain, and calories and add them to the workout entry in my Google spreadsheet. I noticed that after a recent firmware update for my Edge 500 that total strokes for a ride now appear in this table. It’s kind of neat to see that on a 63 mile ride I took over 18,500 strokes! I also use Garmin Connect to occasionally download courses and workouts to my Edge 500.

Strava is next on the upload list. I’ll spend a few minutes looking over workout data and charts. I may create a new segment for interesting segments of a ride. Here is my page in Strava.

I am still logging workouts into the Plus 3 Network because it raises money for a cause. So far this year, my workouts on the Plus 3 Network have raised $32.55 for the American Heart Association via my sponsor, Alliance to Make US Healthiest. Rides and runs get uploaded from the Edge 500. I generally make rides here open to all as they almost always start away from home, but lock down runs to friends only as those start at my house. Plus 3 Network (and other GPS logging sites) should all support some level of privacy like Strava’s hidden locations.

And because it’s another cause,although not a money-generating one, I enter riding mileage into the National Bike Challenge. No uploads here; just a simple logging of riding mileage. I’ve earned 929 points so far this year in their prize program.

I still use Map My Ride but usually only for mapping out new rides. I don’t save workout data there anymore.

Lastly, Ride with GPS mentioned in my previous post, doesn’t get any use. I don’t miss their player, which was one of the things I had mentioned that I liked with Ride with GPS. The only time I’ve found myself on the Ride with GPS site in a while was when a bike event linked to their maps in Ride with GPS.